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A Wire Tree Artist

With all artists there is a story to be told. Mine begins back in the early 1970's. 

I was the age of twelve. During the summer while vacationing with my Grandparents which was always a joy. Coming to the end of a very long, rainy, dismal week, my grandfather, told me in so many words, "go find something to do."  I happened to be interrupting a ball game on a small black and white TV. 

So... this was the day I found wire.  My grandfather,  he had lots of wire around, thin copper wire.  Very easy to work, with many bright colors.  Not saying anything, I twisted what I thought was a pretty cool looking tree. Since I took the wire I was afraid to show him the finished tree.

But of course he came looking for me,  I saw a surprised look on his face. I thought he was going to yell but to my surprise, he actually really liked it. That was that day! From that point to the present, I enjoy creating Wire Trees.  One of my grandfather's interest was to take us for Sunday afternoon rides. He began to teach me the basic knowledge about common trees, so I could learn the characteristics of them.

Energy and excitement inspired me to build a metal forest of trees in 1970's, 80's, & 90's.  I displayed and sold at craft shows. Juried art shows up and down the East Coast. I hit my some goals, taught classes, donated, and sold my work on line. I am still creating, 100% authentic hand twisted wire trees using recycled and craft wire.

Enthusiastic about the work that I create, every tree consists of multiple yards of wire. In some cases, I have used more then a quarter mile of wire to create one tree. Every tree I create is meant to look realistic. Twisting wire allows me to capture the characteristic of the magnificent strength of the root system. Then I twist the wire up into the trunk where the tightness of the wire is truly displayed. It always grows up-ward into the spreading of the crown then out through the smallest of branches. I am showing all of nature's glory in one piece of art. A bonsai style wire tree sculpture will never die. Trees, small or large will capture attention standing strong and alone on a shelf, or in an office sitting on a credenza, as well as hanging on the wall in a den.  The Tree of life, is a sign of strength and wisdom which make it a perfect addition to all spaces.

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