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This page was created to answer some common questions that have been asked of me over the years.

Each wire tree is an original piece art, using different kinds of wire. Copper, is my favorite, then Stainless Steel. I enjoy using both kinds of wire together.  Most  wire trees created, take many hours each one being different from the other. If I had to put a time spent creating one tree, it would be close to a forty hour week. Some trees take many more hours, most depend on the thickness of the crown of the tree.
Question- How much wire do I use to create one wire tree?

Using a measurement block such as a thirteen inches,  I would use three hundred strands of thirteen inch wire, Most of the time i use about 275 to 500 ft of 20 & 22 gauge wire. This will create a nine inch very full crowned tall tree. Some trees that I create are smaller, and others are much larger, but this is average.
Some ask, do I create anything other then trees,
 I have to say no I do not, I love trees, they inspire me to create. Its the different characteristics of the tree that I try to take notice to. I will have trees to create for the rest of my life.
When I would put up a display of trees, people would come by and tell me my work is beautiful. Many of the trees that I create are made with stainless steel wire. They would ask me if I used chicken wire. Most of the questions like this were coming from men. I can see that this might have been asked becuase thats what the wire looked like. The wire gauge, (the size) of the wire was about the size of chicken wire and that is stainless steel. 
I never used chicken wire. Using stainless steel wire, it was twenty gauge wire I would explain. I also use copper, brass, and stainless steel. I also like using craft wire. When I find recycled wire I would use that. I enjoy using recycled wire it is up lifting, to me. I call it up cycled contemporary wire art.
What was the largest wire tree I created. The tree was twenty seven inches tall, made of aluminum wire it was an eighteen guage recycled wire I used four hundred yards for this tree. 
 The tree was a Pine tree. I started with I started four hundred strands of thirtysix inch wire. I made five of these trees back in the 1990's.
 This is asked pretty often, Will I do custom orders.
 I will do custom orders from photos with different angles being shown. I enjoy creating trees that people have memories off as a child. People conect with trees very easily.
 I have created a Copy Right. completed in 2007 for the
Three Dimensional Pine Trees. The copy right is located in the library of congress in Washinton,DC

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