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A  Unique  Twist  In  Wire  Art

Resume'  Carol Lynn Mickey

Self Taught Artist, Carol L. Mickey had to begin some where,


  • 1970 - At the age of 12, I Used 26 gauge copper coated, recycled wire.
  • 1978 -  creating my first solid Copper wire tree with a nest.

   1979 -  Using 20 gauge solid copper wire,

              making trees for family members, beginning to sell some trees. 


1980's - I was creating about 100 trees a year.

My customers shared with me they like seeing the root system.    


1980 to 1985 -  Continued to create wire trees.

1986 - I join an Artist Co-op, located in Allentown, PA

1990's -  Lehigh Valley Craft-man's Guild, at the state level, in Harrisburg.  Art Guild, Displaying my work, demonstrations,  and teaching my art @ Fogelsville P.S.U. Campus, MACK, J.W.C.,  Girl Scout Council,  Wood Carvers, L.V.  U.F.G.  W.P.T.L.


1990's - Still teaching classes to individuals, on twisting wire trees. 

2005 & 2006 - creating just under 100 trees per year.

   Started the process of a copy-right on the 3 dimensional Pine Trees.

Displaying work at Art Shows up, and down the east coast.


2007 - Worked on commission for a Wire Company, creating a large stainless steel wire tree that is now displayed in the  Wire Co. Headquarters, in Chicago, Ill.

Completing 2 issues of the Lock Wire Magazine for two seasons.


2008 -  Copy-Right for three dimensional Pine tree.

Certificate from the Library of Congress. Special commission order for 100+ stainless steel trees. 

200+ trees that year.

      2009 -  Creating collector pieces. Arbor Day Foundation in NE.,  Bar Harbor ME., Canada, England.

      2010 -  Special orders for customers became a passion, 2D to 3D.

      2011 - Selling wire trees through retail.

      2012 - Educated myself to sell on line in the marketplace.

      2014 - Started selling Global through  e-Bay. 

      2015 - New Creations, self teaching of new techniques.


      2016 - Started selling through Etsy.

      2017 - The collaboration of two business has begun and

this collaboration started in April of 2017.

I create a Windswept Tree, Reading Tree, White and Pink Dogwoods, attached  to a Dogwood base.

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